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Calling on Spirit Guest Facilitator Indira Allegra dropping knowledge about the history of quilting as a way of telling stories and reclaiming legacy. "I feel that I know how to create my own environment, and I know how to protect it." Alice Walker


The How Spirit Moves Us (HSMU) Project is a community based arts project focused on using performance art to celebrate the struggles, resistance and resilience of Black Queer and Trans (QT) folks.


By creating spaces to highlight experiences of QT Black people to come together through art, HSMU seeks to share strategies for self healing and liberation and create interactive opportunities for QT Black folks to imagine our most outlandish freedom dreams: to envision what our society could look like when we get free.

Elements of HSMU include:


-Calling on Spirit Writing and Performance Workshops


-The How Spirit Moves Us Performance Showcases

For more information go to or email us at howspiritmovesus at

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