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The #BreakingTheBinary Project

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#BreakingTheBinary, a project conceived and organized by Lisa Evans and SK Kerastas, works with theater arts organizations to create sustainable practices for TGNCNB2-S (trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, Two Spirit) inclusion. In the past year alone there were multiple instances of well-intentioned theaters around the county receiving backlash from trans* communities for their handlings of productions with trans* material. Building on a national movement for equity in our work, SK and Lisa want to provide some holistic support to theatre organizations and artists making this kind of work.


Goals of #BreakingThe Binary include:

  • Providing context and dialogue on this issue from a cross-section of perspectives in the performing arts field.

  • Provide resources and support for everyone in the room to make intentional trans* inclusive work.

  • Showcase trans* identified theatre artists of color.

Aspects of #BreakingtheBinary Programming include:

-Trainings and Strategic Planning, past trainings include Trans Inclusion 101, Artistic Visioning Strategy Development, and Developing Strategies for Non-exploitative Community Partnerships.


-#BreakingtheBinary Symposium, the symposium, first produced in partnership with The California Shakespeare Theater and Berkeley Repertory Theater, is a direct response to a need for education around TGNCNB2-S (trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, Two Spirit) identity in the theatre field on national and local levels. This includes acknowledging the ways in which local arts ecosystems in cities across the country have vibrant queer and trans arts community that are largely separate from the regional theatre community and the importance of highlighting the work of local artists.


Recent work:

- American Repertory Theatre (November 2016 - January 2017)

  • Full staff Trans Inclusion trainings in support of their mainstage production, Trans Scripts Part I.

  • Curated TransPOC Artists in the ID Festival.

  • Support with long-term visioning and community relationships.

  • Produced the #BreakingTheBinary symposium event with panel of trans-identified theatre workers followed by break-out community discussions.


- ArtsEmerson (February 2017)

  • Full staff Trans Inclusion training.

  • Supported "Inclusion Excellence" in developing  long-term strategy


- Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company (March 2017).

  • Full staff Trans Inclusion training in support of their production of HIR by Taylor Mac.

  • Full staff Building White Allyship training.


-Crowded Fire Theater (July 2017)

  • Training for Board and Artistic Core on establishing practices for diversity and inclusion

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