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Confronting The Ghost of Willie Lynch:

An Exorcism In Six Parts

"Confronting The Ghost of Willie Lynch: An Exorcism In Six Parts," a horror inspired interdisciplinary piece created by Lisa Evans, follows a Black queer couple through the process of exorcising a demon who's anti-blackness is slowly overtaking the mind and spirit of one of the lovers. Inspired by the immersive and winding experiences of haunted houses, this work-in-progress showing will ask audience members will travel through the piece by moving through physical space featuring performers, art installations and video projections to experience how black queer love can act as a liberatory force.


Production History 



Excerpt  and installation at Somarts Night Light: Multimedia Garden Party 


Work in Progress showing Commissioned by Queer Cultural Center for the 2019 National Queer Arts Festiva

Production Team

Co-Producer and Cinematography: Sabaa Zareena

Choreography: Tierra Allen

Costume Design: The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins



Phaedra Tillery

Lucca Troutman

LA Bonet

The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins

Tierra Allen

Lisa Evans


"The Making of Monsters" Short Film

Lighting Design and Direction by Lisa Evans

Performed by Lisa Evans 

Technical Assistance from Sista Nau-T

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