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You Really Should Sit Like A Lady (or how I got to Femme)
What do martial arts, early 90’s R&B divas, crotchety elders and sailor moon have to do with gender? A whole damn lot! You Really Should Sit Like A Lady (or how I got to Femme)is an exploration of the hilarious, perplexing and sometimes infuriating contradictions in the process of gender identity formation in their first ever full length show .
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photo credit Jacob Marks
"In Lisa Evans’ solo performance, You Really Should Sit Like a Lady (or how I got to femme), the drag towards selfhood was staged through embodied anthems of resistance. Evans’ storytelling overlaid a soundtrack of Motown, R&B, and Evans’ own live mixing of vocal performance. The attention to sound—and how it can produce collective identity, new selves, and political movements—draws on Evans’ experiences as a multi-disciplinary artist and community organizer"- Radical Movements: Gender and Politics in Performance​Movement Research 
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